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Fools Night Out comes from a song by Phil Wiggins | Moon photo courtesy Michael's Photo Gallery.

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Rockabilly & the Rockin' Billies
© Scott Mitchell (2001/11/07)

You'll notice the majority of my reviews end up boiling down to the same message.... you idiots, you shoulda been there. But I put it much more diplomatically. It ends up that way because the motivation that gets me to write the thing is a really good show that is rather under-attended. Last night was just such a night, so here we go...

You idiots, you shoulda been at the Half Moon BBQ last night. The show was billed as Billy C. Farlow plus the Lustre Kings. The Lustre Kings are a rockabilly band from Albany NY. They brought down a minimalist crew, Mark Gamsjager (guitar and vocals), Graham Tichy (guitar), and an excellent guy on piano & vocals who's name I didn't get. And they ended up borrowed Jack O'Dell and Johnny Castle for a rhythm section. These guys did some great stuff... a nice selection of swing tunes & boogies, some slow stuff, etc.

After a handful of songs, they brought up Billy C. Farlow and Bill Kirchen. Both Bills are veterans of Commander Cody & the Lost Planet Airmen. Bill Kirchen is of course now local, and if you haven't seen him... you really should. Billy C is a great singer and harper. He and Bill K. wrote quite a few of the Lost Planet Airmen hits.... and they did quite a few.... 'Seeds & Stems'. 'Too Much Fun', etc.

The back room of the Half Moon was busy but never packed, and the balcony never got touched. There was room enough for dancing, we had three couples going at one point. The show was a lot of fun; there was a great vibe in the room. The songs were long, owing to the many piano and guitar solos.

The band was having as much fun doing their thing as we were. Mark Gamsjager occasionally comes down to play with Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun. And of course Billy C and Bill go way back... So there was a great familiarity. Bill took the opportunity to unveil a baritone guitar. Bill spends a lot of time at the low end of the guitar... with this thing... wow!

What can I say, it was a great night.

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